Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Purpose in Life

As my life was instantly
Upon me
I saw your faces and knew instantly
What my purpose was
For living
Seeing your beautiful faces
Smiling at me
Telling me you love me
Calling me mommy
Loving me unconditionally

In this life I have been given the gift
Of being a mother
To two precious children
Who adore me
And love me without doubt or fear
Counting on me to nurture
And provide for them
Supporting them when others may not

And in this life
I have the joy of waking up every morning
To see your sleepy faces
And kissing you at night
To watch you dream sweet dreams
All my life
I dreamed and prayed for you
But never did I imagine
I would have such blessings
Wrapped in two small gifts
Personally delivered and blessed by God

In my life
I have been given one mission
I know without doubt I can achieve
And that is being the best mother I can be
To the two most precious people in my lives
My daughter and angel Hevyn
And my doting and affectionate Devyn

You are my life
And I love you
With every breath I take
And with each beat of my heart
This life would be nothing
Without the two of you
I love you
Your mommy
Your friend
Your biggest fan
For a lifetime

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