Monday, June 17, 2013


In my sleep I can feel you looking at me
Watching me breath
Counting the freckles on my face
Twirling my curls between your fingers

When I wake I can feel you close to me
Watching my every move
Smiling at the way I walk about
Making me blush as I catch you staring lovingly at me

As my day goes on I can sense you all around me
Protecting, sheltering me from harm
Peeking to make sure I'm smiling
Doing things to give me reason to think of you

Returning home I can hear you say my name
Telling me you miss me and love me
But then when I look around your not there
I'm hearing things but smiling anyway at the memory of you

I lay down in the warm water
To wash away my day
Feeling you behind me playing in my hair
Washing my stresses away with your gentle touch
Whispering in my ear that you will always be here

I glance in the mirror
And in my reflection
I can see your chest rise
As you lick your lips letting me know you long for me as I crave for you

I touch myself as I lay down to dry off
Feeling the wetness you inspired
As I can feel your full lips
On the back of my neck and your soft hands between my thighs
Claiming me
Not allowing me to want anyone else but you

As I please myself with not one finger but two
I can feel your hands all over me
And your mouth tasting every inch of me
Bringing myself to a height that only you can summon

When I awaken from my fantasy
I sit up, chill bumps all over my body

I look around and again your not there
Only in my memory
Your voice fades away
Yet my feelings are intense and unwilling to let go

I can feel an energy outside
As I run to look out the window
And I can see you waving at me
And your smile is so bright I can't help but run out the door
But when I get there I fall down in misery
For your presence is only in my conscious mind
Your promises broken
My heart shattered

Our love only resides within me
And your nowhere to be found but in my heart
Smiling, touching and leaving me
Dreaming and waiting for you

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