Friday, June 28, 2013

Secret Rendezvous

Secret Rendezvous

Secret rendezvous
Wanting to be near you
Missing your smile
And the way you make me feel

The chemistry between us is
Noticeable by everyone
Even those that have their eyes shut
To what we have going on between us

Welcoming the moments
That we will see each other again
In hiding
But open to exploring each other
In every way imaginable
Not willing to let go
Of this fire between us

Looking into your eyes
I see you’re hard for me
Longing to be inside me
Touching me
Holding me
Claiming me as yours
Even though I’m not
You want it just the same

You’re someone else’s
But you are wanting me
All the time
Sensing my presence
No matter how far away I am

I captivate you
And you drive me insane
With lustful desires
And heartfelt connections
Seizing every moment
To connect with you

Unwilling partners
Can clearly see
But try to deny
What’s between you and me
It’s clear
You and I
But walls can’t stop us
Or even try to keep us apart
What we have together
Is fun, fresh and open from the start

More than just a physical attraction
It’s more
It’s a bond
It’s a link between two different
Types of people
Joined by a mutual
Attraction to each other

We videotape our
Fuck session
Watching it over and over again
When we are apart
Fascinated by all the
Things we try together
Not new
But made alive with each stroke
And touch

Yet planned out
Always exciting
Yet scandalous
It can’t be denied
Even if we tried

You want it
I need it
I’m ready for our
Secret rendezvous
Just between us two
Or maybe three
With no limits
Or stress
Just us
In our oasis of bliss
You and I
On our secret rendezvous

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