Friday, June 14, 2013


Cuts like a knife and leaves you bleeding inside out
Takes away your dignity and tears you down

Hurts even worse when its from someone you love
That someone you offered the world to
Who won't even walk a mile with you

When you love someone so much
Yet they stopped loving you
Turning to someone else to fill their time and you in their head
While sleeping on the bed you bought
Under the sheets you made love in

That moment when you give your best
And it isnt enough and you can't seem to find your way through their dust
They left behind as they ran in the opposite direction out of fear or so they say

As you pick up the phone to call someone to say I love you
Or just to say I'm thinking of you
And you know they sent you straight to voicemail
Or they give you some bullshit excuse that their phone went dead or "I left my phone in the car!"

When you get the butterflies in your stomach
Because you thought they were on their way
And the clock keeps ticking- tick tock tick tock
As you lie across the bed crying in dismay

As your heart beats to anothers drum
While they sang and dance to the song of the girl next door
That can't even dance to happy feet and can barely hold a note

And what about this
When you look in the mirror and you can see everything they use to admire still looking good
Only to see pics of her new boo who is a You minus one multiplied by zero

When your friends start to invite you to singles events
Or take you off the guest list because your no longer the other half to the hot couple everyone loved to see

When you long to kiss, touch and have them naked against your skin
Only to roll over to an empty bed over and over again
With your phone on vibrate between your thighs
Waiting for them to just cum by

Is when everything you thought you wanted
Is in reach and you can't touch it or get close
Or what you need you can't have
Who you want doesn't either want you, deserve you, know how to treat you or keep you
And what your heart yearns you just can't seem to find or hold onto

Is what makes us insane, cry,jealous, weak, weary and damn near suicidal
If not life threatening
BUT it also makes us wiser, independent, determined and yes even STRONGER

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