Friday, June 28, 2013



At the point we are at
Loving each other
Wanting more
But can’t seem to get it right

That we have allowed
Outside forces
To lead us astray
Giving our love away
To people who can’t
Love like we love each other

Why we can’t seem to come together
When our hearts have been linked
For what seems like forever
Taunting us but not giving way
To the love we know we both
Have for one another
Yet we keep leaving astray

That you don’t see
The love I’ve always had for you
And can’t compare to any other
Missing that look in your eyes
That told me that I had your heart
Not remembering the last time
I felt you completely in love with me
Out of fear that I can’t love you
Or be what you need to be
If only you knew how ready
I am and willing to be so

That I can’t find
My happiness
In your arms
And wake up to a love so
Beautiful and forever new
Wanting more
But can’t seem to make you see
That you are the only one
For me
Needing to make you
See me for me
And not for what I used to be

That you will never see
Just how much you mean to me
Always here in the shadows
Praying and waiting for you
Trying not to let go
But unsure if I should hold on too

That I can’t seem to find
The right words to say
Or do what needs to be done
To make this right
To correct all that went wrong
If only I could go back in time
Even a year ago
Maybe even two
And do it all over again
While im running around in circles
Losing sleep
Over the state we are in right now

Because I can’t seem to catch your attention
And make you understand
Just how much you and I
Mean to me
So I run away
to find some sort of comfort
Never fully finding peace
Because my peace resides in your
Arms and within your heart

That my heart is aching
For a love that seems to be out of reach
But yet so close
I can smell your cologne
And the scent of your lips
Close to mine
Engulfing me
Entrancing me with each touch

For some kind of relief
From this pain
I can’t do anything
But call love
Because in this wish
I see you
My definition of love
My dream come true
My everything
I ever wanted
But could not seem to have

That the pain I caused you
You can’t forgive
And yet I have forgiven
Every hurt you caused me
Because that is what I believe
Love is all about
Moving forward

For the day
When I can say that this pain is gone
Either because
You’re with me finally
Or because
I can no longer
Wait for something
That may never be


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