Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In this Moment

In that moment
When I could see my life rush past me
I thought of you
And how you make me feel
And smiled at the fact that I had been running from you
Trying to safeguard my heart
When you had been there protecting it
All this time
Trying to show me
What you can and will be to me
…If I just let you

In that moment
When I was trapped
I instantly thought of you
And what I would be leaving behind
If I couldn’t get free
And it brought tears to my eyes
To know I might not ever
Experience all you had to offer me

In that moment
I could clearly see you laughing, joking
And doing that thing you do
That annoys me
And it made me smile

Even in that moment
I was comforted by the thought of you
And was relieved to know that
When I emerged I could run right into your arms
Safe and secure
Unscathed and untouched
Free to surrender completely
To being loved by you

In that moment
I realized what was important
Knowing who holds me dear
And not just who needs me there
But wants me there

In that moment
I learned that I don’t just want you
I need you too
To be the person you keep trying to show me
But I kept running away from
Out of fear
But it was fear that brought me to
This moment
Where I realize that you are what I need
And want

In this moment
I am falling for you
And so glad to have you here in my life
Wanting and needing me too
In this very moment

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