Sunday, May 26, 2013


Worn down by misery
Waiting for an escape
Wishing this pain would go away
From my body, my mind and my heart

Needing you there
but your nowhere in sight
Leaving me alone with only my fear in sight

Lonely existence not having someone here
Holding and gasping for air trying to breathe
Clutching my chest trying to feel my heart beat
But it stopped the day you refused to speak

This pain on the surface
is nothing like how I feel inside
Bruised and broken
These meds are making me high

This feeling goes deep
Pain is only an after effect
of how I'm dealing with the woes
Of losing you and crying
for all thats exposed

Cursed and alone
Trying to find a way past this pain
No ER can fix or take it away
Only sedate and operate on what they see on the surface
Not knowing the pain is deeper than they can see
A pain so strong
Its taking over me

Fixated on time
Praying for sleep
That will take this pain away
The hurt is so deep

Pain go away
And take my heart with it
Cant take no more
Its too much to bare
Waiting for someone
To give me relief from despair
Knowing inside the pain will never go away
Even if on the surface I died today

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