Thursday, May 23, 2013

Broken and Forgotten

Broken and forgotten
Pushed overboard to drown
lost in a sea of doubt
Confused without hope

Knowing my heart is heavy yet
You keep stringing me along
Waiting for something better
Ignoring what we have
Refusing to let me love you past the pain

Finding retreat in another
Missing the opportunity for true happiness
Not taking responsibility for your actions
Leaving me sad and blue

Wishing for a break
A sign you still want and need me
Grasping for the memories
Promises in the clouds
Your hurting me slowly
I'm over taken but can't run

In all I know to be true
I know that I need you
By my side holding my heart
Not tearing it wide apart
And breaking it in two

In my wait I feel despair, agony and misery
A death wish pending
A sentence too heavy to carry through
You rather destroy my soul then follow your heart
I'm praying and cursing at you

Agony sets in as I await your words
Knowing it will change everything
My life as I planned
The world you used to speak of fondly
You threw it away without looking back
And tore my insides out before you even spoke
I'm deaf and blind
I can no longer feel your touch

I feel betrayed and defeated
Rising just to fall
Defying all others
Only to be left behind by you
An eery feeling of distaste upon your lips
As you tell me you don't want me anymore
Its true. Your taking your commitment away too
Divorced me in your mind
Seperated at the seams
No mending for us now
I lost you somehow

So suddenly I was caught unaware
You swept it all away
Shutting doors you promised not to close
Yet you did so wickedly
Through lies and deception
Unspoken truths and stolen moments
Cheapened and weakened by untruths
Going back and forth
You played me just like your alter ego would

I'm broken and forgotten
No longer welcome. Uninvited.
Privileges taken. No surprises.
Waiting for my fate...
Holding onto hope
Your settling out of fear
Our future is no longer clear

Torn apart
Watching your lips lay down my fate
Refusing to let me love you past the  pain
Building in me my resistance to hate
Knowing this is what will crush and break
All we worked on and suffered
But that clearly means nothing to you now
The sacrifices. The abuse.
The resentment I suffered for you

You claim your scared to give your all
Yet until recently you claimed you did
Making love not just to my body
But my mind too

I know I've given you more
Then any other
Yet you tend to forget that
Refusing to see the whole picture
Forgetting all that remained a whisper

Refusing to be loved past the pain
Instead you left it all in vain
To protect you
and leave me broken and forgotten

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