Monday, May 27, 2013

In My Dreams

I think of you in my dreams at night
Wishing I would wake up with you by my side
Watching me sleep
Smiling down at me

I used to think of the day
When I would see you again
And longing for the moment you embrace my face in your hands and kiss me with such passion that everything around us stops to partake

I'm missing you
your smell, your touch, the way you make me feel
I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is real
I second guess myself as I sit waiting patiently for you
But time is not on my side as I'm wasting away all I wish for

Through pain and loneliness
I'm aching for your touch
Inside me and filling me completely and tenderly

I'm waiting as the rain washes away my fears
I turn back the clock to do it all again
Regardless of what I say I can't walk away
I'm missing how I feel
In your presence I want to stay

Aching and wanting
Needing you close
I stare out the window
Seeing when and if you'll approach

Waiting for you
I imagine life without you
Knowing clearly what I'm missing
But not ready to let go

In my dreams you are here
You never leave my side
Caring for me when I need you
Loving me until I die

But as I look around your nowhere in sight
And I'm still here lonely
Losing this fight

I pass by the window
Close all the doors
As I lock away hope
And let dreams go away

Missing your touch
Longing for your embrace
Letting go of my dreams
No longer trapped in this place

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