Thursday, May 23, 2013

No Pursuit of Us

Withering away
Hiding in the shadows
Sinking into oblivion
Brushed aside
Drowning in sorrows
Escaping reality
Running from hell
Weakened responses
Fighting back tears
Fearing the inevitable
Broken into small pieces
Tossed to the world
Forgotten and out of sight
Ruined with no hope
Burned passed recognition
Ripped apart by pain
Torn apart by deceit
Replaced by fear
Mistaken for a fool
Misguided by words
Rejected by actions
Trapped by emotions

All these scenarios
Set in motion
In pursuit of making right the wrong
Only to be
Blindsided by a circle
Of misunderstandings
And missed opportunities
That could have been turned into

Accepting our love
Reliving our passion
Rejoicing in our future
Activating our dreams
Realizing our capacity
Winning the prize
Holding on to our memories
Forgiving our wrongs
Starting over with faith
Empowering our souls
Embracing our beliefs
Justifying our fight
Relishing in our lust
Regaining our trust
Believing that all is possible
When We come together as Us

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