Friday, May 24, 2013

Focus on Our Love

Focusing on the love we shared
I smile at the thought of seeing you smile at me with those beautiful brown eyes
Appreciating my form in front of you
You tease me with your eyes
Making me want you every moment I was with you

I am remembering your soft hands on my face
Cupping my face tenderly
Bringing your lips
Breathing together like a sweet melody
As I melt in the smell of your natural scent

I'm thinking about the times we shared
Doing absolutely nothing but never bored with each other
Talking, laughing, enjoying the presence of one another

I'm missing the way you touch me
And the way your full lips say my name
I'm hearing you say you love me
And you know I'm feeling the same without me having to say it

My heart is still longing for this unique and powerful love we have
Its amazing, incredible, fulfilling
Its complete with no strain

I'm wishing on a star to give you insight to my heart
To show you that your everything to me
even though we are apart

I love you
Your the reason why I breathe
My motivation to wake up
Your my destiny unfulfilled
Your the reason why I didn't give up

Love me. Need me. Want me
Because indeed I feel all this too
Forgive me baby
Trust me
Lets build our love and  cherish it too
I'm in love with You

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