Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In My Bed

I'm laying here wondering what's wrong with me
As I lay here in my bed lonely
Cold sheets against my skin
Wondering when this feeling will ever end

Watching you go on with your life
Oblivious to my pain, misery and strife
Caused by you
and your empty promises
Overwhelmed with all the has been dreams
Emotional over all the canceled plans

I'm weak and fragile
trying to climb out this slumber
Drowning in my own sweat
Nightmares capture more upsets

This house is not a home without you
Bringing the sunshine to my darkness
Closed curtains turning grey
Waiting for you to return one day

Flowers no longer blooming
Plants dying and unkept
Food spoiling in the blind heat
House unkept because no time is spent within its walls

Empty rooms with covered furnishings
Walls dusty and torn down
The hollow halls leading to my scarlet room
That used to be a haven for me and you
Painted in soft sensual blues

I'm rolling over in what was once our bed
Touching the place you used to lay your head
I can still smell your fragrance too
As I wait insanely for you
in an empty house made for two

In our bed I lay instead
silently looking out the window
In the distance to get a glimpse
of Your glowing light
Fading slower and slower each day
While I lay in our bed and wilt away

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