Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Misery of Love

Heart broken. Frightened. Wondering what now.
Put it all on the line. Unappreciated. Replaced by fear and new motives.
Let down. Mistaken. Trying to find my way out.
Ready to end it all. Not willing to go a day more without my Luv.

No understanding of where they stopped wanting and needing me.
Memories forgotten. Struggle over. War lost.
Depression setting in.  Clouds take over.
Alone and confused.
Stuck wondering where I went wrong.

Trying to do the right thing. Still losing out.
Lies told. Misled actions.
Family seperated. Emotional overload.
Trying to escape the pain.
Drowning in sorrows.
Grasping for air but stifling it too.
Don't want to go on without you.

Feeling abandoned. Defeated and hurt.
Traded in for convenience.
Knowing that over there is not where your happiness really lies.
Scared. Fear is powerful.
Running away from true destiny.
Mistaken at best.
Settling for the luxury of another knowing its not real.

Stolen moments. Lying between desire.
Making love to my soul but to my heart your a liar.
Gone on to something better that will not last.
Do you forget you just confessed your love just last week that just passed?

Tired. Hurt. Lonely. Sick.
Misery of love at its best.
Downfall of loving and losing whats meant.
Broken. Lifeless. Ready to give up.
Realizing you love more but not able to give in.

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