Thursday, November 29, 2012


I woke up again this morning feeling...
I also realized that you, you and You are gone
Leaving me here all alone
To wallow in my own pain and misery

I looked around my home and saw...
I can't sleep at night alone in my bed
Its all too big and I feel lonely instead
I'm missing You, you and you

I walked to the mirror and all I could see...
I can feel your lips on mine
and I can see the clock ticking counting time
I wish I could just touch you once more

I am getting dressed but I don't fee like...
The only thing I want to do is see your face again
I am wishing on a cloud hoping and praying
But you aren't may never be the way I need you to be

I can see my future and it looks so...
All our plans and all the years are gone
Washed away with the current
Still holding on to what should have been

I can see you everytime I close my eyes and you are...
Your done with me, disappointed and running away
I can't stop you no matter how much I pass your way
you can't see me anymore- even my shadows are faint.

I sit down and pray for the chance to...
I need to believe in love
and the power that it holds
I need to believe in us and what we shared

I am no good with out You and Us
I need you here with me
I'm missing you so much
for without you there is no love to trust

I did wake up just to be...
Waiting for you call to hear your voice
Buying the time until I can see your face
Needing to be close, feeling your embrace

I woke up this morning wanting...
Waiting on you to come back
Wondering how I failed so much
feeling like a new person inside out

I finally made myself a promise...
To get it right for not just you
To take hold of my meaning and vowing to be true
To be free from pain and always feeling blue

I know now what I need to...
its all clear now and yet I always knew
you did that for me and so did she
I get it now. Its all on me.

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