Saturday, November 17, 2012

No More

No More

No good morning kiss
No goodnight miss
No wonder im feeling so blue

No how are you beautiful
No I miss you baby
Im feeling some kind of way about us

No early morning calls
No late night chats
Im praying for one night with just you

No plans for a date
No calls to take
I wish I didn’t make those mistakes

No coming home to me
No visits in my dreams
Im definitely missing you now

No text messages to my phone
No emails to retrieve
Im feeling your distance even more

No time to chill
No weekend frills
I’m longing for your sweet tender touch

No trust between us
No ways to make up
Im regretting the day I hurt you

No future to plan
No wishes or hopes to share
I know I have to let you go now

No way to repair
No feelings left to share
Your love for me you can no longer bear

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