Tuesday, November 6, 2012



My heart is weak
My breathing is shallow
Im drowning in sorrow
My lifeline needs to be tweeked

Heartbreak beyond belief
Future so bleak
Crying endlessly
Refuge I won’t seek

Fighting an already lost war
Scraping for salvation
Reaching for the end
Frustrated with no peace

Conscious of everyone around me
Hearing voices laughing at me
Not trusting anyone
Pushing away everyone

Falling with each step
Chocking on thick smoke
Running from destruction
Knowing its too late

Heartbreak so real
Confused beyond reasoning
Screaming internally
Screaming beyond comprehension

Grasping for straws
Waiting for calls
Headache from thinking
Losing sleep tossing and turning

Relief is far off
The end is beyond reach
dealing not healing
Scared to look passed it

Hating myself
Broken to pieces
Praying for relief
Heartbreak so real

Trying to forgive
Angry at everyone
Withdrawn from love
Done with giving my all

Heartbreak is scary
Losing touch with myself
Pushing away loved ones
Hiding in the shadows

Shaking beyond comfort
Scratching at my chest
Cutting through flesh
Mary Jane is blessed

Gasping through sighs
Turning to the skies
Doubtful of the unkown
Faith crumbles

Heartbreak is consuming me
Wondering my fate
Longing for him to change
Trying to fight hate

Heartbroken and lost
Misery consumes my heart
Drifting into oblivion
Oblivious not smart

Hoping for forgiveness
While betrayal wins
Twisted truths
And promises spin

Roaming in silence
Hoping for balance
Praying for truth
Hurt by lies
Destroyed by assumptions
Ruined by accusations
Torn by lust
Silenced by forces
Weakened by fears
Lost for ten more years
Distant and lost
Hope dismal
Faith gone
Apologies untold
Futures destroyed

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