Friday, November 23, 2012

Sleep tight angel...

Sleep Tight Angel

Hearing of your passing
hurt me to my core
I instantly saw your face
as I watched the angels soar

Your sweet words of love
rang faintly in my ears
as I remembered your promise to call me
 and you washed away my fears

I have loved you as my friend
for many, many years
I never thought I would lose you this way
I can't help but shed more tears

As I see your sweet son 
looking just as beautiful as you are
I see a promise of something wonderful
 that came straight from you

your husband loves you dearly
you were always his favorite girl
we will miss you sweet nikki
there is no one like you in this world

As we collect your silver ashes
and pray for you to rest
I can see a sleeping beauty
and know that we've been blessed

Your memory is golden
we will love you forever more
my best and truest friend
Nikki I'll love you to the end

Sleep tight angel.

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