Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Countdown to New Years- 4 more days!

I am so thankful for getting through another year. The last two years have been absolutely the worst consecutive years for me on a romantic level. Falling in love, falling out of relationships, heartache, pain, disappointment...
But on another level, my babies are growing up and I am so proud of them.
I am looking forward to continuing my transformation and having a new lease on life. I'm optimistic that what I am ailed with now will come to pass because I am constantly looking up for help and guidance.

My friendships have been strengthened this year with Sherr and even stronger bond with Jay (my brother), Lisa Bowman, Melissa Robinson, and Shalitia Hall and I reconnected with Lisa Brewster and the love of my life Andre and my best friend, Nikki Freshour, who passed Thanksgiving day. I am so grateful I was able to see her before she passed. I also gained a great friend in her husband, CW and my new big country friend, Kenneth! I have also let go of some people who were not good forces in my life and I am confident that my decision to let go of those people was a good one, especially now.

I have a few resolutions for this upcoming year: stop smoking cigars, get engaged, if not married (lol), work on my physical and mental health, draw closer to Jehovah, take the twins on a real vacation, and travel somewhere new! I accomplished one of my biggest resolutions for 2012- not allowing unnecessary drama or people get me down!

What are your 2013 New Years resolutions? Please share with your reply.

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