Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear Diary- The End

I just realized that tomorrow I was supposed to go pick up my fiancee so that we could spend our 1st New Years in 10 years together.
Maybe the end really is here like the Mayans predicted.
I'm trying to have faith in love but right now the only thing I have faith in is the air I breathe every moment of the day.
I'm trying not to be heart broken over this loss but how can I not when I dreamed about marrying this man most of my life?
Now its the end of a life with me for him. It's a tragedy that he can't see the blessing in me.
As I think about my health and what I'm going through I'm thankful for two people outside of my kids, SM and KB, that are their for me right now. What would I do without the support of people who truly love me?
I hope I can go in the New Year with my heart less heavy.

The End may be here...

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