Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Drunk with Emotion

Drunk with Emotion

It’s unfortunate that we are at an impasse
All I can see, hear and feel is you
Engulfing my senses, my heart and my mind
I’m at a standstill as I reach for my wineglass

I’m drunk with emotions
I’m feeling hazy and my mind is clouded
By images of you and how my heart clearly feels
I’m lost and I’m still going through the motions
Trying to understand where you lost your devotion

I’m falling quickly as my mind takes hold
Of the impairment I’m inflicted with
And the way this feels inside
And my heartache screams loud and bold
 As my ears start ringing and I lose control

My words keep slurring
Because my mouth can’t relate what my heart feels
And my body can’t move because it doesn’t
Know how to move or deal
With the pain that comes when I think of us

My stomach is queasy and I’m nauseated
Wanting to vomit every word I can’t say
And every feeling I can’t express
And every move I can’t seem to calculate

I’m drunk with this feeling of guilt
As I look in the mirror
And question who I am
Because all I ever wanted to do
Was be a better woman for you

 It’s obvious that no matter
How intoxicated I am
I can see clearly what you can’t see
A better woman and a good wife to be

I’m measuring my love
As I exhale and breathe
It’s too much to share
 But I just can’t leave

I’m drunk with emotions
It’s unfortunate we’re here
The consequences are dire
And the effects are near

Arrested in mind
And penalized by time
I hold on to the thought
That I must have just been blind

Fear takes hold
As I think of the possibilities
Of loving again until the end
Not knowing just when
My feelings for you will ever go
Because in my heart my love will still flow

I’m drunk with emotions
And my sober mind starts to reel
As I look for a way
To wonder how not to feel

I lay my drink down
As I wallow in my pain
I try to get up but my strength I can’t gain

I’m still drunk with emotions
I can feel it so deep
No wonder I can’t stop
Or get any sleep

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