Monday, December 17, 2012

Friend Indeed

Thinking of you is like a breath of fresh air
As I think about you and the time that we share.

Your comfort and support means the world to me
And I'm thankful and grateful and with my actions you'll see.

Through disappointment and heartache you have constantly been there
No judgments or accusations, your friendship laid bare.

You promise something better as you look in my eyes
And even though it scares me Im not really surprised.

You have proven to be a real healer even though my heart bleeds
And with that I can open up and let my hopes take the lead.

My heart is broken and yet I know it will heal
With you in my corner I have no choice but to let faith be revealed.

I cant let go of that special place reserved just for him
But he let go and its open to let trust flow back in.

I have no idea where this all will lead
But I'm grateful for you, your the true friend I prayed for and so desperately need.

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