Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hearts Havoc

Never again will I fall for hearts deception
it’s retched and misleading And full of disaster.
Its longevity false
It tears you apart and leaves you torn and tattered.
It leads you astray and forever changing.
Are the ones who will destroy you as the heart bows and boast.
But in between the distance comes mistrust and destruction.
while your mind is clouded by its true means.
It’s devoid of life and future expectations.
Yet the working of the heart steals joy and wreaks havoc on all who possess it.
It’s mute and retarded by emotions.
Mind over heart, I say because the mind thinks of consequences and sacrifices
While the heart knows no boundaries outside of pain.
Knowing damn well it will only bring us to our knees and destroy us one molecule at a time.
It’s useless but so vulnerable at times when we need it most.
Tear it out, rip apart, throw it away and then try to exhale....
Only to find that without it you can't function, think or move.
You’re frozen in time, devoid of all feelings. 
You’re wasting away looking for a meaning
It’s a lifesaver of all that’s peaceful
We abuse it, misuse it, and kill its emotions out of fear and misconceptions.
We are our own hearts enemy leading the blind with the guiltless destroying hearts true treasure- love.

Its fall is hard

The heart is treacherous and so revealing

The people who claim they love you the most

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder

The heart is needed to pump drama through your veins

Take away your heart and the world is chaotic, murderous and troubling

It is never read right and unable to express itself.

The heart destroys our hopes, dreams, and futures
 but yet we still crave it, long for it and seek to please it every day.

We want what we can't have
yet we continue to fall for its tricks each time
in hopes of finding hearts true demon- love.

We pray for love to heal all

between the hurt and pain
and it’s you the whole time scared and ruining its true function and purpose.

but we care for it like we care for someone else’s possession
not fully grasping its intentions or power.

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