Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Never Again

So two people encouraged me to reach out to my ex fiancee and tell him what is going on with me, healthwise and against my better judgement, because I know how he is, I did.
He hasn't responded, he is sending my calls straight to voicemail and straight ignoring me which I already knew he would do.
I don't know why I put myself through the rejection all over again especially at a time like this.
People aren't like me. Even when I am angry, sad, disappointed, or "done" with a person I always have an open door when they are in trouble, hurting, or need someone to talk to, even when others say I shouldn't. I'm not gullible, I just have a good heart. It has been a weapon of misery but it has also been one of the reasons why people have been in my life for so long and respect me as a friend and person.
Not everyone is like me. So why is it that I am the one that always get someone's ass to kiss when I need their support the most?

O well..."never again" I say to myself...but I know that's not true. I'm too loving and too forgiving to just turn someone away who truly is reaching out.

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