Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 10- Daughter Tells All

Daughter Tells All

In the back of my mind I'm willing to forgive
But something inside just won't give

You hurt me deeper than you'll ever know
And somehow I feel
you don't care to know so

The pain that I feel is oh so real
Its worn me down and ripped me apart
Made me stand back and protect my heart

It’s hard to tell if it's you or them
Because the hurt I feel is so deep within
See you took away something I'll never find completely again
My trust in the creation that God called men

Inside I'm broken
But outside I’m all whole
But that’s only because I refuse
to give this pain control

A daughter should never experience
what your child went through
Especially someone
that’s so supposed to
love, protect and guide you too 
But instead you taught worthlesness and miserable strife

See this demon I see that keeps following me
Is one I can't help but naturally see
My father, my king, and my aggressor too
Took my innocence and crushed my spirit too
Made me suffer the first betrayal from someone I loved
And no other one did I hold up above

There are bruises and scars
that you can still faintly see
And fear, loneliness and misery
continue to reside in me

I might be Broken and tattered
but still I'm strong, standing tall
A victim to survivor
I often rise and fall

Not questioning why
because it doesn't matter; your little girls gone
poor little girl that just seem can't seem to move on
Because in the back of her head there all just like you
Waiting to abuse her, hurt her and mislead her too

Pray for me sisters because this life makes you crawl
But at the end of the day Our Gods got it all
Broken and bruised but not destroyed.

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