Monday, April 22, 2013

Wide Open

Wide open. Torn apart.
Thinking about you and you
Wondering what my heart is trying to tell me
Distinguishing between the two
Looking at my future too
Hoping for an answer clearer than whats in front of me

Going back and forth im struggling with my feelings
Not knowing whether its fear or promise; joy or regret; love or lust...
The past is clear but the present is clouded as I try to see through to an unclear path
I'm wishing for forever but stuck in right now
Not sure about you or you
Caught in the same dilemma of loving not one but two
Confused and mistaken

I'm bruised but still healing from past mistakes
Still swimming in guilt
Longing for the kind of love I've always dreamed of
Hoping I'm not too late
Missing what I once had but can't seem to hold on to

Loving you but loving him too
Praying for a dream come true where I can blend the best of both of you
In a perfect world I would have the two of you
Loving and wanting me
But in reality I know that my heart could not survive such a triangle of deception...for long

Wide open. Loving you and you.
Wanting two completely different men with different outcomes.
One defining my past. The other writing the way to my future.
Torn but focused on my happiness knowing which way I should go but terrified of making the wrong choice
Wide open. Loving you and you.

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