Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 3- Words

Words are more than just letters on paper
They are a testimony to emotions verbally unspoken
They are factual statements written to give credence to what we've been trying to say.

Words are more than just syllables
They are broken into a language that we both can understand and comprehend.
They are translations of our feelings within.

Words are their to build foundations for communication
And validation of what we feel and need.

Words are written expressions of what we tend to ignore in fear that if we can't speak it we can jot them down to be read later.

Words are symbols of our determination to prove what we can't see.
They are proof of more than just skepticism but belief.

Words are the way we write our history and foresee our future.
They allow us to devise a plan
And formulate opinions.

Words give us a voice to be heard in every way possible.
We understand them, because they are universal.

Words are created in different languages but they translate the same.

Words help me help you understand who I am
When no one else can.
They validate my self evaluation and give you something to refer to later.

Words end wars with promised peace
And start fights that sometimes wont cease.

Words create, define, transform, and destroy everything around us
but words can't control our fate entirely.

See words can sometimes be misinterpreted depending on who speaks them
And words can stifle the true meaning if your not careful of their use.

Words are sometimes better left unsaid when it comes to matters of the heart
Because the saying "actions speak louder than WORDS" are true!!!

Words don't necessarily define You.
They only paint a picture of what we want to see, feel, and want.
Yet words are often self taught.

Words. W O R D S. Letters written on paper for us to refresh.






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