Saturday, April 27, 2013

This World

What has this world come to be
Where parents are killing their own offspring
And children are killing each other
Only Satan the Devil can stand the true trial of these last days we live in
For people were not created to destroy one another
They were born to obey the first commandment to "love thy neighbor as yourself"
But in the midst of hatred and greed we have learned violence and self destruction
At the readiness of guns and war

Our children are brought up to fear the unknown and turn to television heroes instead of the parental arms that should protect them
Being misled my forces of evil that rather destroy our future instead of building hope

Drugs are marketed to make you feel alive
While they eat at your conscious and wreak havoc on your mind
Making zombies out of people we once loved
And the streets take the innocence from those we turn our backs on

Society is not the only one to blame for our self destruction because they are motivated by money not love as He commanded us

Our mentors are weary with no help from our guardians
The schools are flooded by teachers who forgot the compassion they need to raise leaders and not followers

The Devil has lied to all of us when he misled Eve to think that God did not want her to rise above him and love us
She sealed our fate by giving the deception to Adam who we were supposed to follow as a guide
Giving death to us all

This world has fallen to the demons and prayers are heard no more
As we defile our bodies with fumes in white packaging
And intoxicating liquid that makes us cross the line to kill strangers
Heartless and abused we crawl through life scared to trust and give into the laws written long ago

This world is ending and only
Jah can save us now from the canons that destroy villages
Followed by natural occurrences that extinct generations

Fall down and pray for your souls because judgment day is near
And with hope we wish to find eternal peace and long suffering
By the sacrifice his Son gave for us

In the meantime forgive your brother of their trespasses and stop blaming God for the loss of your loved ones
Because only the one banished is responsible for the death, destruction and violence the world is being controlled by
Stay blessed and bow before the King as we await everlasting life in a world full of love and void of hatred
God Bless

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