Sunday, April 21, 2013

In Lust with My Best Friend

Its always a turn on when I see your naked body before me
Your porcelain skin smooth to the touch
Your breasts full and perfect against your petite frame

I can imagine your pink lips against mine
As you tease me with your tongue
Walking away with those eyes wanting me but feeling a little shy
You may be my best friend but you and I do more together then just have fun

Undressing in front of you
I see you sneaking peeks
Little did you know I set you up for a treat
As I slowly take my clothes off
Your watching me silently, getting aroused
Touching yourself as I bend over to show just a little
To make you ask me for more

You approach me to assist me with my buttons
Touching me lightly
While your mouth finds that spot behind my ear I always tell you turns me on
Remember I know your spot just as well as you know mine

You may be my best friend but the attraction is too strong
I turn you to look at me and massage your flawless face
You smile and blush because your comfortable in my embrace

I've always loved the sight of you
And the way you carry yourself
Kind of hard not to want you knowing what turns you on
I am the one who knows you maybe more than you know yourself

You may be my best friend but I'm in love with everything about you
The way you open up to me
And talk about whats weighing on your heart
But must of all I love you for the friendship we had from the start

We may be best friends but your sexy to me
And I know just one night you would love it with me
I'll show the way you should always feel
Because these men you been dealing with are far from real

I love you my friend and we are great either way
But trust me I'll give you reasons to stay
You know you want it I can see it in your eyes
The way you watch me and touch yourself between those great thighs
Come lets do this and enjoy ourselves
Then tomorrow we will get back to what we have always been
Best friends in lust with thoughts that never end

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