Saturday, April 20, 2013


I want to reinvent your mind so you understand the magnitude of my feelings for you
BUT before I can I must make a lasting first impression to make you want to see me again and get to know me
I have to keep you wanting more,  refreshing your mind with thoughts of me
I need to make sure you think of me when you go to bed at night and when you wake in the morning

I have to then get out my steal toed boots so I can go to work
Because your mind has built a wall full of pain and hurt
Tall and thick and unpenetrable but not enough to make you scared
I need to make you open up and want for more then just whats there

I plan to seduce and fulfill your every desire
Because one thing I know if nothing  else, is that sex can keep him there
As I make love to your mind
While I fullfil your every fantasy
I want to take in all of you and have you coming back for more

I'm in lust with you and I realize thats true
But I also want to be in love with you
Because your mental is so stimulating and the way you think turns me on
I want to be surrounded by your knowledge and what makes you tick
But first I have to reinvent

Your used to women who use you for the emotional orgasms you give them
But very few of them really get you
You keep coming across groupies who want to be in your crew
But they dont take the time to really know you
The type of women you meet are just their for the now not knowing that your heart is investing somehow

You need a woman like me who appreciates your talent and supports you whether the music is playing or not
You need a woman who can stimulate your mind as well and makes you want to think not just fuck
You need a woman who can see into heart and not just whats sexy on the outside

You needed to reinvent in your mind the type of woman that is going to be there for a reason not just for this season clueless of what it takes to make a real man happy
Im willing to put the work in to reinvent your mind of what a good woman is
So we can fall in love and build a foundation thats always evolving into better
A real love with a real woman with a man that is worthy of reinventing a future with no walls and no boundaries
A new man ready to fall in love.

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