Thursday, April 18, 2013

In My Mind

In my mind I know I made a safe decision but what I don't know is just how hurt that decision made you feel.
In my mind I know what I need and what I want but I never thought I would meet- You.

In my mind I know that I love you. In my heart I know your possibly the One
but that possibly has me listening to my mind first knowing how I am.

In my heart I understand what makes me happy- closeness, passion, being able to be with you whenever my heart desires.
But in my mind I know that I'm not strong enough to endure the distance it takes to get what my heart so desperately needs.
In my heart I feel like I'm cheating myself
But in my mind I know I just can't do this.

Its amazing the tricks our mind plays on us when its in a battle with our hearts.
Its confusing when your heart wants what your mind tells you to walk away from.
Its overwhelming when your heart is screaming I need this when your mind is whispering you don't want this.
O what a depressing feeling when your heart longs for someone so beautiful like you and your mind just won't give in and let you...

In my mind I know I can move on.
In my heart I know you can't be replaced.
In my mind I know what I don't want to do.
In my heart I know I can do anything with you.
In my mind I just can't see how we can be.
In my heart I know I want you right here with me.

My mind is playing russian roulette with me and I'm so scared that my mind will scare my heart into being blinded by the wonder of this great thing called love
That it playfully kills all that I've worked so hard for- true love.
O our hearts can be so treacherous but only because the mind is filled with painful memories of hearts pangs.

In my mind I know what my heart needs but I'm too afraid to let my heart take the lead.

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