Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 7- Daddy Why (finished)

Daddy why

That day is clear in the back of my head
I made a mistake that left me better off dead

Decision not made quick enough
You caught us now, time was up

He ran in fear and left me in shame
But no shame is deeper than the scar you made

Touching me, taunting me
You call that discipline?
Discipline skipped a little session
The session that made you scare me to tears
And forget who you were in one failed year

A year that cost me not just your little girl
But the innocence that comes from being your girl

Cause let you tell it, shame was the motive
But nothing could explain your silent votive
The votive that lit a burning inferno
Intentions were there but the reason was shallow
See I would have taken a beaten any day
Then the words that came from your mouth that you say

Teach me a lesson, so I dare to it again
But you just taught me how to use it again and again

Use my body for those that say
Those words you used to say everyday
I love you my dear, your daddy’s little girl
But little girl was lost when I saw who you were
Inside out, not the man that I thought
The man that was supposed to love me, or so they taught

Why daddy, did you say the thing that you said
Touch me the way you did made me sad
Sad for the loss I suffered that day
Not just my respect, but the love that one may
May see as we lay to show me they care
The only thing they care for is using me bare

Daddy why did you lean over me
Displaying yourself so
You may not went there but the bruises prove tho

Daddy why did you take it there
Cause I’m constantly wondering when…
When you will give me back that little girl
That love and respected her daddy back then

Daddy why did you hurt me
Worse than any other man
Daddy why didn’t you leave me
When you had the chance to

Teach me to respect myself and my body
Not flaunt it and use it and make myself money

Isn’t that love? My daddy taught me well.
O Father please take me from this private hell

Daddy I love you. You brought me into this world.
But please God forgive me for wishing you were dead
On those days that I look at my daughter and wonder
Is he thinking of her and then I ponder
Ponder what I would do if you ever hurt her that way
Your life would be over like you took mine that day

Daddy why

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