Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 4- Seasonal


On a brisk winter morning
I can feel the heat of your body against my back
The warmth of your breathe heating my neck
And the firmness of your hand
Touching my private spot getting her wet.

On a spring afternoon
I can feel your hands in my hair
And your mouth against my lips
Slipping your tongue in my mouth playing
And I can feel it growing against my thigh longing for me.

In the simmering heat of a summer evening
I can feel your gems flowing inside me
Burning my insides like an inferno
With extreme pleasure
While the coolness of your tongue is licking my nipples
Making me moan and scream and wanting more
…its refreshing being with you.

As fall comes and night falls
I crave the moment we lay down together
Side by side enjoying the colorful essence of our lovemaking.
I'm loving you, lusting you, needing you, wanting only you
As we prepare for another round of sweet love and pure delight.

The weather is changing but our love is more intense
As our love grows and we dance in the glory of it all
Between the sheets ready for the seasons to change.

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