Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 8- Missing My Angel

I'm missing my beautiful best friend
I'm remembering the sweetness of her words
And the long talks about anything and everything

I'm remember the last time I saw her gorgeous face and the way she smiled at me
With those radiant eyes of hers

I remember her voice saying I love you and promising to see me again soon
And the way she kissed my lips goodbye

I remember meeting her sweet boy and seeing how great a mother was
As I shared pictures of my babies
With the promise to introduce them all

I remember being so thankful to Him for giving me the opportunity to see her once again...
I had no idea it would be the last time.

I am missing everything about her especially the months and years we loss
But I'm so thankful that we never lost touch
With every day we missed we caught up quickly and made our friendship even stronger.

I'm missing the way she made me feel when I confided in her
Never judging me and always loving me for who I am
She was a true friend even in her absence

I wish I could talk to her now
Here her saying I love you baby in that sexy raspy voice of hers
And I wish I could just hold her again and run my fingers through her fiery red hair

I miss you my angel nikki
Missing and remembering everything about you
I love you

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