Saturday, April 27, 2013

Love and Ethics

In my finest hour I ignored the signs that you had moved on
I find you with her and my heart breaks like a fallen petal from a forbidden rose
I follow my heart and try to fight for what my heart yearns
Only to be ripped apart by your words
I've fallen even though I've already broken
By laws and ethics that don't allow for our love to be true

I've stumbled upon your heart too late
For you have chosen another fate safe within her heart
And left yours with me

Our fight will never end for I will die loving you
In my misery I see you; in my bosom I breathe for you
As I go on loving you like I love the wings on a butterfly
I count the colors of of our fate and
Never stop wishing for your happiness

I go on loving you from afar knowing I can not give you my all
Yet I've been doing so for so long that its hard to give my heart away completely
For I fear missing you and losing you without saying goodbye
My soul is weak and defeated hearing your words of freedom from the chains of being in love with me
Free yourself for in my love I will always be enslaved
Scared to be who I am but fearful of him that judges me

O how my faith suffers that I can live another day
Wishing and praying for Paradise to come
To take this pain away for the destruction in my loins
That hurt beyond compare and more than I can stand

I'm loving you and hating what I've become
Less of an advocate for my own heart and always fighting for yours
I'm dead inside knowing I can't love freely within my own choices

I yield, falling to his grace
While still loving and needing you
I hold you close to me as I set you free to love
In my pain I find forgiveness
As I watch you embrace her love
Leaving us behind
I am victorious though I have not won
I survive in your happiness free of love and ethics

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