Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 11 (from the archives)- Beautifully Me

Beautifully Me

Today I am feeling beautiful like a romantic sunset
I’m hopeful and looking forward to a new dawn
                As I come to terms with my heart’s desire
                And realize that my heart longs
                For not just a home to rest
                But a haven to hide from the insanity of life.
I’m feeling joyous at the prospect that life continues
                Even after heartache.
                And with true friends and loving family
                I’m renewed in the prospect
                Of finding heaven despite the pain.
I am hopeful that the tides of change
                Are here to embrace my dreams of a new beginning
                As I count my blessings and pray for forgiveness
                For I am not perfect but I am a good woman.
I am confident in my ability to be a good wife and mother
                Because my God had a plan for me
                To help and nurture those who are in need
                And give to those who are too proud to ask.
I am grateful for those who love me and those who tried to understand my inner self
                And supported me through my ups as well as my downs
                For I am a strong woman of grace and am powerful in many ways.
With faith I am assured that my life can and will begin again
                For I am forever evolving into the woman I know I am supposed to be
                And deserve to be for myself, my kids, and my soulmate- wherever they may be.
I am waiting patiently for the sun to shine its precious glory on me
                And show me the path to greatness
                For I am me and me is great
                And inside I feel the passion that bore me and the love that encompasses me.
I am wonderfully made and beautifully free.

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