Saturday, April 27, 2013

Poured Out My Heart

I poured out my heart to you
Exposing myself for love
With no response I chastise myself for having faith in something bigger than me

I cast outside my dignity in exchange for being true
Abandoned with your silence
I ache and long for you

Running away in fear I clutch my chest
Trying to hold on to the beating inside that is slowly fading with each tear I cry

Opening myself to the vanity of my mind
I found myself alone in my hopes and dreams while waiting for you to come back to me

What did I do to deserve this fate without you
When all I ever wanted was right before me
Smiling sweetly engulfed in your embrace

I poured out my weaknesses and trusted you with them
Only for all my woes to fall on dead ears
No nothing. No sign. No reply.

In my loneliness I wait for something to come forth and take my hand
To show me the way to a place I long to be and free
But with no remorse you leave me barren and spent
Only wishing for time unspent
Dying inside while your life goes on before me

Endless regrets filled with lustful memories of our love making and the joy you brought to my heart
Was my naive heart too blind to see that you resurrected love in me
Only to leave me looking into the stars for images of the time gone by

I poured out my heart to you
Only to endure a bigger pain compared to losing my unborn child
Stuck in a hell of unburied hurt and pain

I long for you to take charge of my grief and release me from this misery called love
I wait for you only to go lost in my want for you

I choose in the end to allow my heart to abandon free for enslavement
knowing that you are the One my heart beats for
I poured out my heart in wishes for you and yet I've learned that not all wishes come true
Especially for me...

I silently withdraw and banish my love
Leaving the best part of me behind with you
I settle for less to win the war and force peace
But remember I poured out my heart to you and you rejected it in fear of a love too true

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