Monday, April 22, 2013

My Hearts Plea for Me

As each minute goes by I regret the fearful moment I let you go
I'm holding on to something old
Hurting my blessings of something new
I'm loving you and I know its true
For with each day I can't stop thinking of you

I regret the words I spoke to you
And the hurt I heard in your reply
But what you don't know is that it hurt me too
Because I know my heart had been denied

I'm hopeful yet scared to come to you
Because your running scared from me
But I'm begging you to slow down and remember what you had with me

I pray to God to reach your heart
Since its hiding out from me
I promise to hold you close and never leave your side
If you will just come back to me

I regret the day I stopped believing in what the stars were trying to tell me
Because right now I'm missing out on my angel, my love and everything you are to me

So here I am standing before you bare asking you to take this chance
I know in my heart that this is it and your the only one for me
Alone I am strong but with you I can do anything
Your my strength, my hope and the right man for me

In my plea I'm asking you to see this for what it is
A wish and a promise that I'll love you forever more
If you just do me this honor and be what I need you to be and let me be the one you adore

As each moment goes by that I wait for your return
I'm hoping that you love me as much as I feel you do
And forgive me for running scared and hurting your heart too

Remember in your mind that I've been broken too
but you were the one who repaired it and I want to do the same for you
I love you and please know that the words i say are true
For on this day I'm asking you not to just forgive me but to be my only One too

I'm in love with you.

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