Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 6- You Need Her

You need a friend that will be there through thick and thin
Someone whose got your back even when they dont agree
A friend there to lean on and smile with

You need a woman who will stick by your side
Be there when your on top of the world
And sticks around when no one else would

You need a lover who will fulfill your fantasies
Fulfill you every desire and not afraid to be a freak in the sheets
And a woman you respect enough not to cheat

You need a queen that will support your dreams
Follow you to the ends of the earth
Ride with you in the middle of a war
And rule with you like the king you are

You need a  partner who will sign on the dotted line
Not afraid to take chances or scared to try new things
And advocates for what you believe in because she is fully invested in you

You need a wife who will cherish you forever
Love you even when you might not deserve it
Puts you and your children first
And loves God more than herself

You need a mother to your children
Who will nourish and raise your offspring
Protect and guide them and keep them safe from harm- even against you

You need to give a rib in sacrifice for the One
That Jah himself has chosen for only you
To respect as your better half
Your friend, woman, lover, queen, partner, wife, and mother of your children
For with her you have been truly been blessed and will reap the benefits of a love so devine
That no man will ever be able to separate
What God has put together- You and Her

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