Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 9- Used to Be Us

Used to Be Us

That used to be us
smiling and laughing together
Unable to keep our hands off each other
Totally in love and one.

We used to make everyone blush 
at our constant teasing and touching
In tune with each other 
down to the last heartbeat.

Our love was magnetic and contagious 
They adored everything about us.
I used to not get enough of you
And with you is where I always wanted to be
In your arms. In your presence. Breathing only you.

I miss that kind of love
that would draw me wherever you were
The type of love 
that shortened the hours and days 
before I would see you again.

I miss those long conversations
and talking about nothing
Just hearing your voice
was enough for me sometimes.

I'm missing us and the way you made me feel
every time I saw you
Nothing could distract me
from the power you had over me.

I'm missing the smile on your face 
when you caught sight of me
And running into your arms
that always seemed to open up to me 
at just the right moment
Making me feel like 
the most gorgeous woman around
Kissing me so passionately
that I melted with the thought of later...

That used to be us
that made other couples question themselves
No one could deny the feelings we shared
We were obvious with what we had
Others couldn't even come close or compare.

We even looked good together
Lights seemed to follow us
as we took each step hand in hand.
Others gravitated to us
just to be in the awe of us.

Your tall, chocolate and handsome
beside my caramel thick frame
Showing off like we belong on a runway
Couple status was our performance
and we modeled it well.

Aw...I'm missing the attention you gave me 
It was all I needed to feel like your Queen.
I reigned with your love
and no one could take that from Us.

We used to be that couple
everyone wanted to be.
But most of all you were that other half
of the perfect couple with me.

I'm missing what we had
And what it meant to be yours
Above all others.
I'm missing Us. You and me.

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