Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 12- Fly (unfinished)

Listening to the birds chirping
Wondering what their talking about 
As my mind is clouded with morbid thoughts of flying away forever

I can see the distance ahead 
As if my vision is suddenly clearer
But then I fall 
Breaking my spirit and the wings that keep me soaring

As I flutter to regain my mission 
I feel weak and worn down
My body aches 
As my mind tries to recall my escape route

It’s too dismal to see through the storm 
My inspiration to take flight and find a new home is slowly waning.

I don't want to fly anymore for fear I'll never want to land
I can hear the others calling for me but I turn away
Ready to turn in my wings and just lay here and pray
But something close by keeps calling for me but I look away
I don't want to hear anything
My flight has ended and I'm ready to give up.

I can hear the waters rushing by with a destination unknown 
And I want to ride the waves to a new home
But where might that be
Is it up north where I came from
Down south where I love
Or is it somewhere new east west to me totally different and free.

I try to spread my wings and gain control
But the fluttering inside my heart 
Won’t stop and it has me bound to this desolate place
Where no one wants to visit or see
They travel past just long enough to see me
Thrashing and squawking about, sinking in my own misery
And no one stops to save me or throw out nourishment for me.

I'm weak and I'm broken listening to the birds go by
Wishing I could soar above my broken spirit and fly...

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