Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 5- No Rebounds

With me their is no such thing as a rebound
Because everything I feel, every effort I exert, every emotion I express comes from deep within
And with each beat of my heart I can feel it pound

I say this because rebounds occur with your hopes and dreams stuck in your past
Your sights on the future have not yet been seen
But with me
I can see visions clearly and pristine

I can't look back anymore,
stay stuck in coulda, woulda, shouldas or force what’s not meant to be
But I don’t have to do that with you and me
Because what we have was real from the start
The convo. The flirting. The way you made me blush.
And when I could no longer see you, I longed for Your touch.

I didn’t think of Him and how he used to make me feel
I didn’t wonder why he didn’t make me feel this way anymore
I didn’t once feel guilty because part of me still wanted him 
I didn’t worry about if and when he might come back
I didn’t think of none of that

The only thing I could see was the possibilities and what was right before my eyes
I can feel Our chemistry and the fire between my thighs
Longing for only you and needing only you
Wanting only you
Who is he... Obviously not the man I needed him to be
If he was wouldn't he be here with me?

So fuck rebounds, I'm real and uncut.
I know what I want and I'm putting it out front.
I want to love hard and recklessly
Breathe uncontrollably
I want to sweat with the thought of running to you
I want to continuously become brand new with you
I want to transform to fit all you need
I just want to be in your air and be wanted by you
I want you to feel what you have when you look at me
I want you to understand what you mean to me
I want you to want me as much as I want you
And I want you to see a future with just us two

With me their is no rebound because I know what I want
I want my future, my forever
My someone to grow up with
My someone who loves me and adores me
That someone who forgives me because he knows I'm invested in us
Someone who I can laugh and cry with and not feel ashamed
Someone who loves my extra pounds and appreciates my curves

I just want to play this game with you
And rebound into life with you
My forever, my best friend, my everything.
No rebounds.

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